Her Hope

Sat beside a window,

Wrapped in misery,

Was She,

She the crowned princess,

Sole heir to a king,

The king so humble and kind,

But this show lasted only beyond the window.

Behind the window , He roared.

The queen was no less than a sheep herself.

And , as you wonder about the princess.

She gazed at the window,

For a hope , disguised as a prince taking her to distant land of Love and Peace,

On his black carriage.

With her soul liberated so free,

She turned around Her just to see Peace and Happiness.


The Reflection

When life had come to a standstill, And the future seemed so bleak, I knew it’s hard to emerge unscathed, For the journey ahead is no streak. When my dreams lay shattered, Like bits of paper strewn, My lost conviction was reinforced, When I heard that gentle croon. When every decision seemed remorseful, And ‘t […]

The Reflection


My muse

And here are the showers of the rain,

It reminds Me of You, of Your love,

Of the time when You had Me in Your arms.

But then I realize, You are no more near Me, You are just in my memories!

And then I ask,


Why are We no more together?

Is the love no more deep?

Does the depth of My love no more appeal You?

But then I stop,

Getting pricked by My conscience,

Stopping to cling to all false hopes,

The hopes of You loving Me again.

And now,

All I can do is to treasure Our memories,

And You,

You need not fear,

You are still there in My heart,

Safe there in My Reminiscence…


The Lady


Clinging on to her past,

with her warm fingers.

She kept her past,

close to her heart.

Tender was her age,

ignorance was her knowledge.

Swinging in past and future,

this is how her days passed.

She failed,

failed to dwell in the present.

Scenes turned,

she faced the present.

It was tough,

too hard to believe.

Dejected was her soul,

but her soul met a companion.

Her heart came to empathize,

her soul celebrated the union.

Where was the heart all this time,

the soul complained.

The heart was always there ,

beside the soul just ready for an alliance.

Neither did her soul call for the heart,

nor did the heart stretch out a helping hand.

She kept finding others heart to fathom her soul,

failing to recognize her own heart.

The trivial heart now spoke to the soul,

others come and go , I am Yours forever.


A Meeting

Let us meet,

your soul and my conscience,

In the land,

Where sea welcomes us,

tree’s bewildering criss cross shadow,

flatters my beauty,

and your unaproarious smile,

Where the stars,

abduct our scrutiny of the obstrusive world.

Let us meet,

In the land,

Where You and I unbossom in each other’s arms,

and disgorge our love.

Let us meet,

In the land,

Where the gloam fades,

Where the night is a host,

Where the stars sing for us,

Where the moon witnesses our presence,

Where only you could see me through and through,

under the widespread moonlight.

But Alas!

We can never gratify ourselves,

We can never meet,

We can never see each other in vociferousness,

We can never haggle our emotions.


I dallied in the land of my dreams that can never be found ,

And if they ask ‘why‘,

Your soul,

My conscience,

Are not made for each other.

Alas! We are not made for each other…


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton